The address is Calle Cabo Finisterre 22, 03724 Moraira (Teulada), Alicante, Spain. You can come by car. That is fine to do and a navigation system (GPS coordinates: 38.6772812, 0.1101174) assign without problems to the front door. The fuel in Spain is significantly cheaper than in France (and the Netherlands).


Moraira is easy to reach by plane. Alicante airport is about 90 km from Moraira. Look closely, what airline it is best. There are significant differences in fares.

Car rental

If you arrive at Alicante, it is possible to make cheap rent a car. You can already reserve in the Netherlands. We have had good experiences with But also budgetcar, rentalcar GOLDCAR and belong to the possibilities. The various rental companies are all at the end of the corridor in the arrivals hall. The pick and bring back is very simple here. And very pleasant to your round trip to regulate in this way.

Perhaps for the sake of comparison: If you rent a car for two days in the Netherlands, you usually an additional kilometer charge. For the same price you rent the car in Spain for a week, with no mileage charge! Always have pictures of the car pickup because of possible harm’s old. Just remember to take along. Your own navigation

It is about 90 km drive to Moraira. You can choose to take the coastal road towards Calpe, a beautiful route that gives you all the real holiday feeling. If you prefer to be quickly at the villa, you can also take the highway (toll road, about € 4).

It is easy to get your groceries on your way to the Villa. Near Moraira are two supermarkets. And you drive past Lidl and Aldi as you come through the toll road.




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